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Primary Job currently: 1600 square foot basement renovation

Location: Norfolk county

Job Description: 1600 square foot basement reno, including a bathroom reno, living room reno, new pot lights courtesy of Rothchild electrical services, new flooring, trim and doors

Project Time line: February 2nd 2018 - April 2018

Status: Electrical Rough in

Secondary current projects : Green house for EZ Grow

Location: Norfolk county

Job Description: 50,000 square foot green house automation and power, construct a 20 x 10 power/ utility room shed

Project time line: july 2017 - jan 2018

status: Ongoing, finishing

Project Budget: 

Project Description:

1st stage: Inner bay Renovations is to Build a 20 x 10 power shed that will eventually house 600 volt 3 phase power and irrigation pumps for strawberry green houses: Completed

2nd stage: Rothchild electrical services is to provide wiring to the 3 green houses with full automation that operates off a controller and sensors. Roof and walls are fully retractable and controlled by the controller. Heating units are 12 burners and tube heating system which is also controlled by the IGrow. Electrical provided by Rothchild electrical services. Link4 is providing an Igrow system that is the brains of the entire operation. Cravo is the green house manufacturer out of Brantford that provided the engineering and design for the entire system.: In progress

3rd stage: Rothchild electrical services is to provide power for cooling units for refrigeration: Completed

Business/Contractors Involved:

-Rothchild electrical services

-CRAVO (green house itself)

-Roberts Gordon (heating)

A wood shed lean to, up in Muskoka area

Our background project is our very own cottage in Long point. We are gutting this cottage, new drywall, mud/tape, flooring, paint, and followed by an entire new kitchen.

2nd stage will be replacing the outdoor siding with 2" ship lapped rigid foam board with horizontal strapping followed by board and baton. Our intent is to keep it looking like a cottage.

Stay with us and see how our cottage turns out!

Location: Long Point

Job Description: Cottage Reno, new kitchen, new exterior

Project time line: November 2015- june 2017

Status: Demo

Project Budget: $30,000

exterior before

our own cottage exterior before picture
our own cottage exterior siding being ripped off
our own cottage new rear wall and building wrapped
Our own cottage board and batton exterior

Interior Before

Our own House, Kitchen Renovation

Original Kitchen

our own cottage kitchen renovation

Interior at the moment. Almost done

our own cottage, kitchen renovation
We are now at drywall, mud and tape stage. We are living in the cottage while we renovate to keep travel expenses down. Our goal is to have the main part of the inside house completed by the spring and to be working on the kitchen during the winter of next year.