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Inner Bay Renovations Story

picture of me, Matt co owner
picture of Maya, co owner
Construction Experience: 19 years
Licensed Electrician: 9 years
Plumbing and Pipe fitting Experience: 2 years

Master Business License #: 220587091

We are fully insured with 2 Million Liability with Co-operator's group

We are a member of the Port Rowan Chamber Of Commerce.

A bit about myself (Matt). I started my working career graduating from Conestoga College as an Electrical Engineering Technician. I found it increasingly hard to work at a desk job. I decided to take up construction in my late teens and got various jobs in construction until I was approached by a licensed electrical contractor who wanted to offer me an apprenticeship. I decided to take the momentary pay cut, start from scratch and become an electrician. After 7 years I finally wrote my C of Q and became a licensed electrician.

I then met the love of my life and my life changed. At the time I was working only part time due to the lack of work my employer was experiencing. It was not enough to survive on and face it, I don't like to sit. At this point I have learned almost as much as I could in construction through various employers in some multi trade companies. I decided my skills would be best suited for a multi trade company, not just as an electrician. But who to work for? That answer was answered and encouraged by my love, and her family. As she came from a family of entrepreneurs (as well as I did as my father owned and operated 3 bars in Kitchener) I decided that person needed to be myself. Now here we are 5 strong years later.

INNER BAY RENOVATIONS professionally caters to cottage and home renovations. We have diversified over the years and are now very much capable of building and designing many projects that can be seen through out this website.

Incentives to work with us at Inner Bay Reno's and Inner Bay Painting:

Extra's we offer to our new and existing customers;

-We offer free base estimates, email us to discuss your project!


-We offer discounts on materials between 10-15% to some of our customers, email us to ask how!

-We also offer free design and 3D renderings to some customers that can help you visualize your projects before you even start them. Email us about designs.

-We also offer |RENO POINTS|. Refer us to a friend and you will receive |RENO POINTS| to use towards your next Inner Bay Renovation.

-Repeat customers ALWAYS receive discounts on Labor pricing


picture of us, Co owners

Matt & Maya, Owners and Operators.