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Inner Bay Renovations  And  Inner Bay Painting

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Inner bay renovations Services page

Design, and 3D renderings


Design, drawings, 3D renderings
Structural Engineering/ Permit applications
framing and carpentry

Carpentry provided by inner bay renos


framing and carpentry



drywalling, mud and tape

Drywall provided by inner bay renos

drywalling, mud and tape
Mudding and Taping
Plumbing, and plumbing services
Electrical services, lighting solutions
Electrical: provided by Rothchild Electrical Services.
Concrete and steel work
Concrete provided by inner bay renos
Gas and propane sub contracting

Gas Tech, Refridgeration, HVAC, Furnaces, HRVs, provided by Hy-Tech

Stairs, decks, fences, outdoor living spaces

Outdoor Woodwork provided by inner bay renos

Flooring installs, tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl
Flooring, Trim, Backsplashes, Tile Work, Finishing, Provided by Inner bay Renos
General contracting and construction. Additions.
Painting and refinishing
Painting Provided by Inner bay Painting

Professional Cottage and house
cleaning services

Greenskeeping and yard maintenance
Landscape Maintenance
provided by Inner bay Painting